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This is a long time dream of mine, to travel our incredibly diverse country and to explore what is at our fingertips.

The creative process to capture 100 women from across this vast land, to allow each woman the space to express herself in the vast beauty of nature.

This creation will be a printed published book to share the boundless beauty and significance women are in their natural element.

Photographing diverse women in diverse landscapes is an extraordinary endeavor that allows for the exploration of the multifaceted beauty and resilience found in both nature and humanity. 

Each landscape presents a unique backdrop, be it the breathtaking Australian outback, the lush rainforests of Queensland, or the serene coastal cliffs. When combined with a diverse range of women, hailing from different cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages, the resulting images capture the tapestry of human existence against the backdrop of the world's awe-inspiring natural wonders. 

This project not only celebrates the individuality and strength of women, but also highlights the harmonious relationship between humanity and the environment, reminding us of the boundless beauty and unique stories that exist within our diverse world.

These shoots are by donation to help me continue to flow around the land and create this significant documentary of women just like you! Prior to your session a consent form is required as these images will be used in the book and all images will be nude to showcase your true beauty and the rawness of skin and land.

Your Story boldly Told

This is to tell a liberating, free, and powerful story of a person through photographs of their skin which is an awe-inspiring and transformative experience. When we strip away societal expectations and embrace the raw beauty of our skin, we unleash a profound sense of liberation and authenticity. The photographs become a celebration of self-expression, where every freckle, blemish, scar, or stretch mark becomes a testament to the journey we've traversed. It's a powerful reminder that our skin is not only an outer layer but a canvas that reflects our experiences, resilience, and inner strength. By capturing these images, we empower individuals to embrace their bodies, break free from societal constraints, and rewrite the narrative surrounding beauty. Through these photographs, we redefine what it means to be powerful, free, and liberated, inspiring others to do the same.


For your participation and for the donation you will receive 30 Images edited with my love and passion. This is an Australia wide project so reach out for rough dates for your area! BUT PLEASE TELL EVERYONE!


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Step one:

Connect with me via the link below which will send me a direct email, or reach out via Instagram. Let me know what part of Australia you are from.

Step two:

Organise a date and if you may know any amazing spots near where you are located then send me some of the recommendations so I can do a bit of a scout once I arrive!

Step three:

Sign your release form, Pay your donation via transfer or cash on the day! Meet me at the location where we drop into the present and create a space together to allow you to be truly seen and held!! Oh.. and create amazing images for the book!!

As these sessions are normally $500.00 I am doing them as donation based so more women have the ability to be able to create and these donations are to help keep the dream alive with travel cost and eventually publishing cost! So I appreciate any offerings xx