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Hello, my name is Emily Wilson

I am the creator, counsellor and photographer of Love From Light Collective.

And so the story briefly goes..

I started my photography journey when I was roughly 23 years old which is a good part of 10 years ago, After studying Event Management for the love of weddings and to be surrounded by the electric energy that seemed to be in the air on a day of a wedding.. however once I finished I couldn't think of anything worse than spending my time organising with that amount of stress..instead I got myself my first camera and begun taking photos of friends and family for practice, What I wanted was to be able to capture that electric energy and emotion between people. Without even remembering that as a kid going to friends houses I would always take a disposable camera or offer to take photos. Fast forward through the years shooting weddings (That makes me cringe) as I really didn't know what I was doing or my style or who I was.

To a few years of travel when I first started Love From Light off the back of wanting women to be able to create a space within themselves to connect to who they are and to leave self judgement at the door.

As I always say if you have ever had a conversation with me..

AS WOMEN WE HAVE SO MUCH POWER AND WE HAVE ALWAYS USED IT NEGATIVELY AGAINST ONE ANOTHER,This is just a projection of or our own self confidence or the lack of. So I wanted to start with the source.. that true essence of the inner pilot light.. stripping away any excuse to hide and explore what it feels like just to feel alive in the truest form! This journey has been the most transformative for me without even realising it, struggling with my own self acceptance I wanted to help other women so they wouldn't have to do it alone or taking as long as I did to discover this path.

Holding a space for women from a place of passion has been the bridge into starting my studies recently completing my Diploma and on the path to finalising my Masters in Holistic Counselling. I wanted a stronger foundation to support women and the tools to be able to help dive deeper into their beliefs and sub conscious conditioning.

I have created a space to combine my passions with Photography and Holistic Counselling because I have always bought that into my past sessions but wanted to offer these services as a collective and Individual depending on what feels right to those who feel called to create or connect with me.

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Thank you for reading

Emily xx

Thank you for taking the adventure with me and If you have any questions or just feel like you want to chat then I would love to hear from you.