Hi, I am Emily Wilson.

I am a photographer from Australia. I begun photography roughly 10 years ago doing weddings and couples, I put the camera down for a short time until the love of travel and partner at the time sparked me to photograph nature / Travel & lifestyle, I started the Love From Light project at the beginning of 2018 when I moved to a small town with the idea that I was going to be welcomed with open arms however it was much the opposite.. how fucking hard is it to smile at another women in the street instead of judging their hair or clothing or even worse their body!

I decided to begin the project from the love of photography and the passion for women empowerment, I am also on my own self love journey after many years of high school bullying from the way I look and having many procedures to try and be happy with what I see in the mirror because that shit sticks with you and when I was growing up no one spoke about self love or self development, Now I am 31 and I am loving my journey and I get more out of helping other women on their own journey then I can ever put into words!

Basically ladies.. let's start by sticking ups for ourselves and then lets stick up for women everywhere!! xx

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